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Even if none of its talc products contained asbestos, you still should not be inhaling particulates that fine of any kind. It's not safe and J&J certainly knew that, but continued marketing it to consumers, and maintains that it's a safe product.

Keep in mind that Johnson & Johnson is not just a company that makes baby shampoo and talcum powder. It is a major pharmaceutical company. It certainly understands and has access to research about, you know, lungs.


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Sure but I got a good feeling about this next one! /s

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have enough money to never worry, but I don't know about having that much money. Lottery winners tend to end up in some really bad places. I guess I could never really move freely again. I'd have to hire security. I'd have to move out of my quiet neighborhood and into a safer home. I'd never know if people liked me or my money. A few million would be nice but a few hundred million...too much. Even if I donated most of it, who would believe I had? I'd always be in danger.


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Yeah, I agree. I read it and thought, "Okay, I guess this is fine for King fans. The premise is interesting." I re-read it when I was bored on a plane and thought it was unbelievably bad. King cannot write women, for one thing. The ending was terrible and vague. It is dragged and dragged in parts. He has this unique ability to take an interesting idea and just beat it to death. It's like he and JJ Abrams have some sort of mind meld.


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Oh I strongly disagree. Do you know how much work it takes to make one of these rugs? The artistry and culture behind it? And they add to your home, they last your lifetime and beyond if they're well made, they're comfortable and create energy savings... I think Persian rugs in general are an amazing bargain.


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Oh God, that woman is awful. I read a long-form article about her a few years ago and it was just shocking. I've actually worked with kids in foster care in the court system. I'm not easily shocked.

Also, when you have a judge doing things like that, you damn well better believe that social workers cannot speak out because they will then worry about having their own kids taken away. It's always so much worse than people can even report.


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I said this on another subreddit, but lawyers in Louisiana generally get a year of suspension for a single instance of a DUI, and that's in addition to having to go through counseling, prove that they do not have a substance abuse issue, and then reapply once the year is up.

For this judge to act this way and get such a minor consequence is an absolute travesty and it's disgusting. If professions want to sell regulate, they damn well should do it with consistency and with an eye to the fact that the public loses trust every time something like this happens.