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“I am not enthralled with the idea of turning to these…” Isaac paused “Tinctures, instead of our tried-and-true methods of sustaining ourselves “

Elizabeth fought the urge to roll her eyes, why was it that any Vampire who was turned before the telegraph resisted change so thoroughly?

“I’m sure most humans aren’t exactly enthralled with the idea of us eating them”

“You know very well young lady that we have a strict, drink and release program, no harm no foul.”

Only among their kind could someone pushing 90 be considered a “young lady” It was infinitely annoying to be condescended to when she was older than most people alive. Especially by someone who had yet to come around to the internet, which is incidentally where she found this “life hack”

“Fine,” She said raising her hands, “Do what you want, just don’t complain to me when our world moves on without you.”

Which of course, it did. New innovative ideas always catch on and spread, even among the undead. As the younger vampires moved away from their sanguine habits the generational divide already widened with the adaptation of the computer and internet culture turned into a chasm. The younger vamps integrated into wider society. Some of the older folks did eventually catch on and got with the times, however, there remained a subset that became even further isolated and out of touch.

Fucking Blooders