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My browser has a built in spell check, and yes I do use it, I have a spelling impairment that makes it hard to spell things correctly even with it and I don't have hours to spend on typing comments to perfect spelling that realistically a very tiny number of people will ever read

Also no one should use Google Chrome, even for people who don't like Firefox / Safari (for some reason) almost any other chromium browser is better then Google Chrome.


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That sounds like you screwed something up on your end as opposed to the fault of Firefox as a program, cos I have never run into those issues when I have used Firefox

But even if you do feel the need to switch away from Firefox, you still shouldn't use Google Chrome compared to literally any other chromium browser (witch not counting Firefox / Safari forks, or super obscure browsers almost no one uses) is unforcently all of them


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A decent soloson for people who need to use a chromium browser, but that can create a minor inconvenience that will prevent meany people from doing so

Thoth I personally feel that the slight Google Chrome convenience of being able to integrate directly with some Google services is not worth it considering all the downsides that come with that browser combined with the fact that pretty much all google services that I know of can be used without that sapific browser.

Almost any other chromium browser is better then Google Chrome.


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I'm well aware that prity much everything besides Firefox, Safari, forks of those 2 browsers, and a few other super obscure browsers that almost no one uses everything is based of Google's chromium engine. I persanalay beleave people in general should switch away from chromium browsers in order to prevent Google from forming a browser monopoly, but I understand that for some people that's not realistic. But even for those people who need to use a chromium browser, there is literally 0 reason to use Google Crome besides laziness ^(if it was pre-set as the default browser on there computer), and the slight convenience of being able to integrate directly with some Google services ^(almost all of witch have just as as viable if not better alternatives) as most chromium browsers are better then Google Chrome, and individual web browser maintainers can alter there browser beyond the base code of chromium to implement things base chromium dos not or to retain things that Google is removing ^(although that requires extra work on those browser's maintainers, most of witch realistically are not going to do so beyond what they have to)


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I think at one point this preposol would have also involved implementing encryption backdoors or outright making encrypted chat iligol, I admit I am not 100% up to date with the current version of the preposol, but if that's still a thing then signal would be forced to stop operating in the EU or compromise there service if they don't want to brake the law.