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Yeah I know the feeling. I don’t have much of a relationship with my own father either.

I cut him out of my life for 5 years before finally deciding to have somewhat of a relationship with him, but I’ve come to accept that he is who he is, won’t ever change and that I won’t get the type of father I want out of him.


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But even that movie, Max reached his breaking point and might’ve crossed the line where he tells him in a harsh manner to “leave him alone and get his own life!”, but the more I rewatch that movie I lean more on Max’s side. He learned his lesson from the first movie, while Goofy still had a long way to go and didn’t learn his lesson.


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Even though this whole series is about how Walt transforms into a ruthless and powerful drug kingpin, this series wouldn’t be the same without Jesse!

His development is also just as entertaining to watch! Much like Walt, he also turns into a dark person only difference is he gets traumatized by the criminal world while Walt embraces and enjoys the thrill of it