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It's good to hear that they're being used for crime. I personally don't know if they're worth it or not. I suspect they are since they're used by cities our size and larger around the world. Maybe not a great use for stolen vehicles but for car jackings definitely which is what I assume the majority of those were. My reply was because I find that the yelling at kids in pools argument so many make to be not a good argument and does their position on the matter a disservice.


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Obviously that's not the only use for the helicopters. Just a very small fragment of its use (despite so many people in this sub going straight to that as the reason for it being wasteful spending). As OP pointed out in another comment, they're at least used to follow stolen vehicles which are often the result a car jacking.

Also, 5 lifeguards wouldn't work. We would need 24/7 lifeguards because children trespass at all hours.


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Yes but we don't know why it's bigger. We only know that OP has identified that it's bigger. Because of that I was only commenting on how helicopters are being used to yell at children is a commonly used phrase in this subrreddit, not anything about the helicopter being bigger. I apologize that my original comment wasn't more clear.

Edit: There is no need to vote u/MrBurittoThePizza's comment down. This does read like it was written by an AI lol


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People seem to often bring this up as an example of a dumb use of the helicopters but last summer a child trespassing in the Patterson Park pool nearly drown. Because of this we should probably find a better example as to why the helicopters are wasteful spending as the city/police will no doubt use child safety for their position which is hard to argue against.