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Your daily dose of senseless violence with a little bit of municipal corruption sprinkled in.

From another article:

In Philly, eviction court orders are handled by a private attorney's office handpicked by the Philadelphia Municipal Court. Since 2017, that contract has been held by Marisa Shuter, whose firm hires and trains private security personnel — often retired police officers — to serve as deputy landlord-tenant officers, the Inquirer reports.

Shuter was awarded the contract, which has paid millions of dollars in fees collected from landlords, in a private, noncompetitive process, the Inquirer reports. Her husband, David Shuter, sits on the municipal court and has presided over eviction hearings that have produced work for his wife's office, WHYY reports. Marisa Shuter's father, Alan Silberstein, formerly ran the municipal court system as president judge.