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Tip from somebody who didn't: Check how straight your walls and corners are.

I had a bathroom where one wall was off (I didn't make the wall) and while it wasn't obvious normally it was very much so when compared against the straight runs of tile

I ended up ripping out my first tile job and re-doing it with the tiles rotated 45 degrees (points towards the wall instead, which looked much better


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That's for the outside edge. The wax seal thingy goes on the inside where the toilet meets the drain hole.

There are also reusable rubber types so maybe there already was one?


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Or even just moving to nicer or better switches/receptables.

My house had a bunch of the old shitty dual-rounded style outlets. When I got kids, I swapped most of those for the square outlets that also have protections against somebody jamming something in one side (plug needs to evenly push on both hot+neutral for it to "open").

Later also replaced many of the stick switches for cosmetic reasons (the old ones had cracked/dirty covers and deco looks a bit nicer).


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Reply to Unicorns by MrWeiner

This feels more like something I'd see on PBFComics (which I love). Well done, you perv! ;-)


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I'd imagine there might be overlaps between countries like Canada/USA/Mexico etc. So if group of bombers/fighters is seen on the Canadian side but clearly on a heading towards the US unannounced... it might still be a concern. That is especially if there was a less trusting relationship between the two countries and Canadian bombers weren't otherwise known as geese...


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I recall seeing an article for these in regards to HIV and a historic condition (might have also been the black death), where it was believed that people with a particular mutation that made them resistant/immune was do to a mutation associated with plague survivors