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It's a little different underwater. Past a certain point the light waves of certain colors won't penetrate that deep, so after a certain point the only color you can see is blue. This is why deep water is blue, that's the only wavelength that goes that deep. Might look radically different down there. Ocean creatures, especially crustaceans like the mantis shrimp, can see a much much wider range of color than we can


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Ehh I like my skin. It's one of the few things I want to keep when I go full cyborg. Fuck my legs, useless shits always hurting. Let me get some thunder stompers that I can set to autopilot and take a nap while my ass walks itself to the store.


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It's beany babies again, only this time you don't get a toy you get nothing. Speculative markets are only really good for ripping people off.

It does (or did) have one special usage. The silk road, used to be you could spend crypto on extremely cheap drugs. Not a good use but still a use. The silk road got shut down tho so I don't know how safe it is anymore. No such thing as untraceable, not for long.


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I live in the area. It wasn't ridiculously cold that night, but still cold enough to kill a baby. The other one was left in the airport parking lot I believe. The amber alert didn't go untill like 3am, like 5 hours after it happened. They were really behind on this one, usually they are on it. About the only thing the cops are ever on here.