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Tbh i started talking before i read the article, so no clue about the working temperature. There are multiple concepts floating around afaik - using air/gas is neat because it wont freeze, some liquids might be more efficient but require more maintenance and have higher leaking risks... The one i saw a vid on was working with very cold gas that would get heated to maybe 30-50, would then be cooled via heatpump and repeat. Guess it makes sense to both send the medium cold so it doesnt heat too much, and have pipes that can handle heat (they would need to manage max heat if at any moment the system cant pump)

But: dunno, still didnt read on this one. The concept itself is 100% sound and worthwhile imo, but the question of HOW will have to be solved by engineers.

Most likely multiple paths that work in different conditions.


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The thing with seperate thermal and PV is that you still have thermal energy on the PV that is getting wasted. On top of that, PV panels lose efficiency and degrade faster the hotter they get. Using that extra heat therefore makes double sense, provided (like someone else mentioned) that the extra maintenance is not too costly.


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Not just pretty nice but absolutely necessary. Until now you could heat water with the e from panels, thus losing 30-60% of your production. Using the thermal directly means you can heat more water than a single family home can use. Stuff like this can heat water for blocks AND bring electricity.

Was just a matter of time until companies jump onto that otherwise lost energy.


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Yes, the methane comed mostly from bio stuff. But plastic will degrade into smaller plastic, eventually getting into our drinking water. Already they found microplastics in the human bloodstream. We really need to get away from single use platics, plastic clothing and plastic fishing nets.


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Agree with your first assesment - e-fuels are pushed by big oil to keep the status quo up as long as possible.

Disagreeing on the last technicality though: leaving stuff on landfills tends to leak methane into the athmosphere, which sucks.

For food waste we should replace compost and landfills with biodigesters, so that the methane gets captured, burned for energy and thus gets double use and lower impact (if done enough it can replace a big part of nat gas consumption)

If they manage to digest plastic into something useful too, why not. But Unfortunately good things like these will be used to keep producing plastic, which is an entire problem in itself.


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nice strawman you have there.
as if walkable cities with solid public transport, green electricity, efficient heating, localized food production without wasteful feed import from burned down rainforest would be equal to go back living in caves.
I want better for everyone in a sustainable way.