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I'm more inclined to believe some super-intelligent critter will crawl up out of one of our superfund sites, all its genetics super-screwed from our environmental futt-buckery, and it shows us a few tricks that reverse the ice-melt and zaps a bunch of cancers and viruses lately liberated from the permafrost and denuded rain forest land!

But, pray tell, what are these "recent revelations" you speak of?


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What's the point of "AMERICA FIRST" rhetoric if the guy spouting it was paid by Putin to say it, reveled in getting pissed on by a whore while Putin's goons filmed it, and that guy was the POTUS?

Let's please deal with that treasonous behavior before we turn to whatever Biden bullshit you claim to have seen.

Also, you might want to check the truthiness (spelling? do y'all alternies spell it "truthyness"? Sorry, don't know, no confusion meant!) of your sources- what did Biden do vs. what did you get told he did? I mean, you DO verify your sources, so you've got media accountability on your end of things, don't have to worry about all this "fake media" shite, right?


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We're both thinking you knew you were full of shit when you wrote this, right? Because... I've seen videos of you idiots lapping up any damn thing your dog-whistlers feed you and more.

I (and other folks who follow and preach the American gospel of freedom and equality for All Motherfucking People, not just the ones who look like you or fuck like you or fear or vote or work like you) don't care about Biden as much as we care about elected officials who do their jobs well instead of squirrel off to the side when confronted with their fuckuppery and blame other people who clearly are not at blame.

Oh, and it's very important to me, and a large number of your neighbors as well, that our elected officials are not receiving money, influence, and direction from our greatest national antagonists, who also are punking and bullying a huge number of weaker states on the national scale.


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Oh, dear lord!!

When some deranged person tosses lye into the vat at the factory (true story) and eyedrop users go blind, that's one thing. When a restaurant worker doesn't fully clean the salad bar and folks get the shits, that's another. But when a big ol' factory that makes schtuff that people put in their eyes, day in and day out, fails to keep their systems fully ufking clean, THAT is an issue, a very big issue. And this is why we pay taxes and MUST DEMAND solid service from our governmental leaders. In capitalism, it's caveat emptor, or "buyer beware" because PROFIT is the primary motivator. That's why competency and diligence in our governmental apparatus is so much more important than political bullshit. Can we reasonably expect a profit-motivated corporation to cut corners? Yes. Can we reasonably expect government oversight and regulation to protect us from such possible threats? Well, that depends- did we elect officials according to the way they made us feel or the way they historically solved problems put to them in their past service. Rick Perry, a former state governor, was put in charge of a federal agency he'd once been unable to remember the name of during a presidential debate where he was listing three federal agencies he wanted to cut from the government. This is an example of a political appointment, not a practical or capable appointment. Go check his record, see for yourself how he did.


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Heh, someone else answered this, I just hadn't read far enough down. Basically, the old design was streamlined to allow for unimpeded water flow and it spread the blow over a wide area to smash concussively, rather than merely pierce. Since the old ships didn't use nails but rather mortise and tenon joinery, a smashing blow rendered much more damage, kinda like a hollow point bullet's expansion creates a wider wound cavity than just piercing straight through would. Or think a hunting arrow vs a field point.

EDIT: Your brittle comment was addressed as well- the rams were kept as short as possible.


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Wow, that was really weird... the PopMech article was more detailed and satisfying than the TAMU.edu article! Is it opposite day?

Here's my question, and I've wondered this for decades: Why was this planar-trident shape better than a single-pointed spike? I see how it combined cutting with smashing a large hole but how was this more efficient than just a sharp point that widened to the size of the hole desired?


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Minimal? Since when are river valleys appropriate to sacrifice? These places they propose to inundate are enormously important to a wide array of species. And the water is drying up anyway, all wafting up into a warming atmosphere. This is human-brand stupidity and I'll bet some small group of white males stands to profit from the scheme. Dismiss them and send in the wind and solar crews, who will displace WAYYY fewer flora and fauna and still yield up the energy required.