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This article says literally nothing about hacking into the speakers. The whole thing is just that they added a program that ignores back ground noise on to an existing method of mapping a room via echolocation, it doesn’t say anything about remotely activating random speakers to do this


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My guy when I see a bunch of teenagers spinning a rifle with a filled barrel my immediate thought isn’t “wow how could those bastards hand those kids a bomb?”

Also I was in rotc, our rifles had filled barrels and missing triggers. I know because they were heavy as fuck as a result of the filled barrel.


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While I in no way agree with the other guy and do agree that he’s definitely an ass I am also curious why you’d charge a per hour charge and not a per gun charge maybe if I was doing a deep cleaning it would take me an hour or more for some guns but I imagine most of your business would just be pistols or shotguns no?