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I would add that the focus should be on making public transit better than driving your car. I live in a large city with public transportation but driving is still the better option for most. I work only 2.5 miles from my house. I can drive there in 8 minutes or take public transportation there in 45 minutes.


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I watched it since Alex’s very first show until his last. It’s a family tradition spanning four four generations now. Ken is not an obvious choice at all, which is why it’s not working out. reddit just loves him so all other opinions don’t matter. pointless of me to even bring it up in this hateful echo chamber.


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can we get him here in the US!!?? he’d be perfect!! we have two polarizing co-hosts and it’s not working out. it would be great to have someone more universally appealing.

and now, the fanboy bullies will chime in about how Ken is soooooo amazing and then downvote. lame.


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I've been a semi-regular there for years and it sure seems safer now than it did in the past. I usually walk over from center city and it's perfectly fine. It's so nice and bright now with lots of college-age kids walking around. There are certainly some dangerous parts of the city but this isn't one of them. Love that venue!