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Well, if all other health systems that are non profit then why the outrage that upmc does the same thing? Time to grow up and see that they are spending Billions and that’s with a B on new hospitals that will benefit who? Anyone who uses their health plan and insurance . Would you rather have them not push forward that technology and revert back to using leeches to serve their patients? Cmon now.


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I mean highmark ahn ceo made 8.64 million according to the tribune review so maybe AHN has more $ to pay employees now? Kinda interesting no one is screaming about that pay rate .


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I believe they have their own traveler division , maybe that would be a job you would like ?


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You mean bain capital which is an all employee owned company that doesn’t own IHeart radio solely in any way? Ok! https://www.baincapitalbdc.com/investor-relations/governance. I thought an employee owned company would be fully loved by the socialist loving humans on here.like that company is the liberal dream come true.