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I had no idea how many "lefty" conservative judges and Bush family members there were. Wait till nobody goes to FL colleges and comes here instead for their education.

That list includes:





Ben Carson (Trump admin)

Steven Mnuchen (Trump admin)

John Bolton (Trump admin)

Christopher Wray (Trump admin)

All the Bush's, even Barbara


Ron DeSantis, Bachelor of Fine arts 2001. Sounds like someone enjoyed their liberal education


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When are you coming? A lot of the nicer shoreline activities are pretty seasonal. I'd say Mystic seaport and the Aquarium is one, downtown New Haven for restaurants, bars, normally I'd say museums, but 2 of the 3 are closed for renovations, but the Yale art galley is still open and is free. Of course you have to have New Haven pizza. Pepe's, Sally's and Modern are the big 3. Go to all amd report back with YOUR favorite because it's a very decisive argument.


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Go read the law regarding it and read the report about this accident. Oncoming traffic had the green light in a "controlled crossswalk" which means even though it's a crosswalk, the TRAFFIC has the right of way.

In an "uncontrolled crosswalk" the pedestrian STILL CANNOT JUST WALK INTO TRAFFIC! The law clearly states that they must make their intentions known to drivers thay they are trying to cross.

Now go read the law before you get yourself or someone else killed.


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As someone that worked Yale security for a while, I can tell you that Yale students have ZERO awareness crossing the street. I'd nearly hit one daily because they just cross the street wherever. It sucks that it happened, but every crosswalk is a controlled one in that area.

Let me say it in a clear voice. You do not have the right of way just because you're a pedestrian and I don't believe I have to tell adults this, but look both ways before crossing.


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On tints, I've always put 20% all the way around. Never got pulled over or ticketed for it. It's considered an "add-on", so they can if they pull me over for speeding or something else.