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Does everyone have their own station and make their own food? I've been a class in Little Italy where each couple was assigned a portion of the menu and we all ate family style. It was delicious and the teacher went over everything but it was little less hands on the entire recipe than I expected

Did you get a full meal out of it? It does look like all the menus are hefty with apps, main course, side and dessert which sounds like it would be worth the price

Is it encouraged to socialize like would you make friends? or is it pretty individual and better suited for dates?


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Maybe I'm not using it right but it seems to just match me with 2-3 random contractors. I was hoping to hear from someone who had personal experience of a person/company they'd recommend . Even with long lists of online reviews I'd always prefer a personal recommendation since you never know if bad reviews were removed or good reviews compare a similar project/etc


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it's such a large space!! if there wasn't already a B&N at the mall i could see one fitting in there

i wonder if it has halloween store potential even with there already being a party city (although as a company PC is on the brink of bankruptcy)

if there wasnt already a home goods i think that could also fill the space but maybe an athome


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From reading FB mom groups it seems like the vibe is that if you as a parent are attentive and what not kids can do really well in SPS (even not in a magnet school). A lot of "dont let the scores fool you" because of how diverse Stamford is a lot of non english speakers taking the same tests bring down the scores

I would also suggest joining some of those Stamford mom facebook groups they have lots of opinions on things and suggestions for things to do with kids in the local surrounding areas!