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Job elimination/ replacements are fine and have always been a part of history, the thing that is new will be the rate of job eliminations.

When this rate exceeds attrition you ruin people’s lives (locally this has proven true). I fear this coming change will be many orders faster than attrition


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Agreed, hydrogen actually fills a really sketchy gap (industrial feedstock) in a fossil fuel free modern society. However, as long as we continue to not price carbon release in the atmosphere, the economics will require heavy subsidies. This plant is really only useful for proof of concept.

Its really kinda stupid for energy production though.


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I don't know if I share your lack of confidence in the Chinese space Agency. While I agree, they are objectively behind the USA right now, but their pace of improvement exceeds ours.

They have their own functioning space station and growing launch capability. If it wasn't for SpaceX the US would be squarely in second place.

All I was saying with my comment is that the engineers at NASA are world class, and if congress would stop dictating the "how" on space exploration and instead stick to a consistent "what" we should be able to maintain our healthy technological lead in space.

We need political incentive for NASA to do something besides just being a jobs program in various representatives districts.