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India is in the throes of religious fundamentalism. A portion of Hindus in half of India associate the vegetarian diet with virtue/morality. (I should point out that these people are not vegans and consume an insane amount of dairy)

In the last few years they have been in power - they have pushed vegetarianism really hard - like banning in it mid day meals at school, restricting it in state airlines and public places etc.

Previous governments had pushed egg consumption as an acceptable alternative to many Indians who were reticent to eat meat. But that's been turned back in the last decade.

India is the only country in the world where the average height of children has actually declined in the last 20 years.


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There are no "social problems" with eggs. Egg consumption in India was on the upswing till about 2010 when the clowns in the Hindu right wing decided to make it a wedge issue. So much so that states have taken it out of the mid day meals for school children. Regardless of their religion or beliefs.


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No. I think what made UPA decidedly left is the big bets they took on social welfare schemes like MNREGA. Every trickle down loving libertarian uncle I knew was up in arms over it. They also tackled international diplomacy very sensibly by diffusing most tensions with China and Pakistan and balancing the NATO countries with Russia.

Their expansion of the public sector and strengthening of state institutions was also a very left leaning move. The whole UPI/Aadhar/Rupay thing which the current govt takes credit for - was conceived and initiated by UPA.


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Err the report does state that 2/3rd of the 415 Mn people moved out of poverty until the right wing government took charge. If this report is to be believed - the current government is doing a worse job in poverty alleviation than their Uber left predecessors