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Sorry to hear that. I agree with you though, and see that a sense of self for sure makes you mentally stable. But as I understand it nothing in nature is static, and as part of nature we don't want to be too stable, especially if its in conformity to corrupt societies or systems.

Wishing you mental health and fluidity from afar.


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I could do a better test of mental stability than any machine. I could sit in a dark room with my eyes closed and watch what happens internally. You, me and everyone else on earth can do it for free, everyday. After doing it for a bit you will find that the self you identify with may not be as concrete to your functioning as you may of been led to believe!


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Assumption that mental stability is understood. Who says what is mentally stable? Is it mentally stable to do the same thing everyday, destroying the mind body and soul, to be able to purchase consumer goods, which are only desired due to advanced manipulation by cooperate entities, whose only desire is to gain material wealth on a mass scale. Is that really mental stability?

Is it mentally stable to pass the homeless man on the street without as much as considering that anyone of us could be that man within mere months upon losing your job? Is it mentally stable to ignore that, when you are able to understand how you would feel if another ignored you in that same situation?

One day, you think one thing. The next day, you think the next thing. One day you 'love' the girl, the next day you cant remember her face. You are not the personality, the narrative, the perceived reflection of yourself in others treatment of you. You are not the result of the conditioning you received. You are not the theory of evolution, your thoughts, or even your ability to think. You are not the pathways in your brain, or a 'concept' you believe originated in the brain.

I don't know what I am, but I can rule out what Im not. If I can demolish the 'self', and still exist, then I was never that 'self'. I merely assumed I was out of ignorance.


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You say cancer doesn't have self knowledge or ego, but then claim Buddhism and religions can commit violations?

Consider that even though people with a self can live without committing physical violence, the reality of transgression against others are not just physical. There are 7 sins, violence being one. Physical reality is not the only place these violations can take place. Do you believe that 2 people who commit 0 violent acts in waking life, with one dreaming about rape, murder, domination, and the other dreaming about liberation of all beings are one and the same? Is the appearance of something, perceived by other conditioned egos, the totality of that things essence?

The real nature of the teachings as I understand them are that when you realise no self, you realise you are everything and everything is you. The person insulting you, the attractive woman, the merchant, the beggar are all consciousness trapped within matter, conditioned by samsara, acting out karma unconsciously. All transgressions come from ignorance of truth. All suffering comes from straying from the path of the creator. This is Satan, the ego, the desire to live in FREEDOM, outside of the divine reality of existence.

The belief that as an intellectual animal, distracted by 1000 things, you have the wisdom to make choices without harming others or yourself, is delusional. The man who discovered electricity that lets us read at night, is also responsible for the murder of children. Please realise that every thought or action you take, has a cause, and will have an effect. You, as an animal that can think, may not actually have the intelligence to discern even 1% of what objective reality is. The belief that you do is an ego, conditioned by a worldview prescribed to you since birth, within an economic, societal structure, all saturated in the arrogant BELIEF that materialist scientific dogma is the be all and end all of understanding existence.


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Almost like, anything that is handled by the inhuman money sucking parasites that caused the mess that is our irreversibly corrupt and cancerous system turns out to also be, corrupt and and actually cause cancer. 'BUT THEY SAID THE GOOD THING' ok yeah thats called marketing, and NPC like to believe it cos its easier.