plump_helmet_addict t1_j9tmjrj wrote

>Why the fuck is this so god damn hard for non teachers to get. Do you people just work in places where splitting things up doesnt INCREASE cost?

Because people care more about their kids' educations than the contentedness or wellbeing of teachers in a system that doesn't focus on their kids' educations. Sucks, but this is what happens when the public school system is so corrupt, bloated, and unable or unwilling to handle misconduct.


plump_helmet_addict t1_j9tkims wrote

>You already know I'm older than you. And you probably already know I've seen the world. Well, 21 countries. 34 states. Most of them when I was really broke. And you also probably know I've had relative success compared to you.

And yet you're still just a whacky redditor who can't be taken seriously.