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I agree, most men aren't qualified to represent women. Men can be really dumb towards women. Especially the closeted gay religious zealots. 30% representation is really the lowest standard. It's not great. We obviously need representation and having women around helps men be less gross. To each other and to women.


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The biggest health risk for men is heart failure. And men with higher T have increased risk for heart attack and stroke.

Very few men are roofers. Or deep sea fisherman, Most men work in an office or retail setting. Most jobs are not building the Hoover dam.

Twice as many men own guns. I'm emotionally intelligent enough to understand that I've been depressed before and probably shouldn't have easy access to a gun.

And media plays a role in loneliness. Masculinity is played for joining the military vets have a high suicide rate from gun death. My uncle.

Masculinity is also played for adjusting identity to political party. It has self isolating messaging to make men more available to consume more propaganda. It sort of subverts group identity. It's more efficient if there's less people to bounce it off of.

And then our technology is isolating us. In the 90's everyone knew each other. We walked around outside. And we had meeting places where our friends were.


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It's just a joke. It's like the conservative men are complaining about equal pay for women in sports because they don't care about women's sports unless there's trans women involved and then they're telling their neighbors dog about it.

Men tend to have low emotional intelligence but is this that sexual competition with women thing. So it's an opportunity to tell women about male physical superiority. Idk why men are like that. I wish you could stop putting women down to jerk off your egos, and mind your own business. Its the world were raised in. Did they lower men's pay. No? Well then eyes front dickbag. You know? It's like a nice thing. So you're shitty that direction, but act like a white knight in the same sentence if there's a trans woman. It's funny.