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If a train leaves the end of the line 12 minutes after the previous one, and they go at the same speed and spend the same amount of time stopped at each station, then it should get to each station 12 minutes after the other one did no matter how long the line is or how far apart the stations are. Of course that's a lot of ifs, so these numbers are more of an average than anything. But they do try to keep them as consistent as they can--if you've ever been on a train that stayed at a station for several minutes because of "schedule adjustment" that means it had been going faster than the other trains on the line and needed to slow down to try to keep the timing consistent.


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For at least some Amish I think the main rule is they're not allowed to enter contracts. So they can buy gas and batteries but they can't have mains electricity, they can use a phone as long as it's pay-as-you-go. I'm pretty sure that varies between groups; each Amish community basically has its own rules. I know some of them don't use electricity at all, but they can use pneumatic power tools. And there's still a fair few pay phones in Amish country they can use to call doctors and veterinarians and people like that. There's also other groups of Anabaptists like Mennonites that are similar to Amish in some ways but different in others, even some that drive cars and work in offices but just always wear long sleeves no matter the weather.