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You need to flip and roll the bag around then open the 'bottom' of the bag to eat them. I don't think it's a flavor quality issue, I think it's that they're making a lot more now so the flavor settles weird in the bag. It helps to try and redistribute the flavor. Hot shit those are good chips.


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Look, it sounds like a bunch of people who couldn't afford children, had them, and now expect everyone else to pay their way. No.

ETA: I'm child free. I'm willing to have a good faith conversation about this. But you'll have to answer very hard questions about the value of your child to society and their impact on my life and how much of my money you should get.


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How about this: instead of people with kids getting a tax refund, all that money goes to support the children. That way those of us that are child free no longer subsidize you. All that cash can support your schools and eliminating school taxes, feed the kids, give them healthcare, and childcare. People with children get waaaaay too many benefits already. Stop taking my money.


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I'm not asking them to go private... I want them to make their prices competitive with the states around us so that it ISN'T cost beneficial for me to buy out of state. Even if you lived 3 hours from Delaware it is STILL cost beneficial between gas and savings on liquor and wine to go to Delaware. While you're there you'll likely also visit a restaurant or do other kinds of shopping. The ripple effects to their economy is huge. WE should be gaining those benefits HERE. Our buying power should be drawing in residents from other states to spend their money HERE. It's not rocket science.