pmk0286 t1_jbao6e0 wrote

Nah bro, Stalin and Mao were cool… sips Starbucks and twirls pink hair

“But USSR, East Germany, China, Cuba, North Korea…THOSE ARENT REAL COMMUNISM”.. taps away on iPhone made for 1.00 an hour, ordering clothes from Shein

Funny all the old Commie propaganda I see…none of the people are overweight, or gay, or have pink and purple hair…


pmk0286 t1_j9yzbkk wrote

I cannot believe the discrimination in this sub against PoL like this landlord. Poor fella travels here from India 🇮🇳, becomes a citizen, saves his pennies to buy income property…and these priveliged white folks who drink Starbucks all day whine about his properties.

Maybe they should pool their cash and buy their own property