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I wish they would study why some people have terrible reactions. My wife and I have had 5 modernas. My reaction to the first was 12 h of fever and chills. Subsequent reactions are less and less. I have had covid twice since the vacs. My wife none, though we shared the same environment. Why? There is a reason beyond differing exposure. It would be valuable to know.


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Cool beans. I hadn't heard about that. But, perhaps in the "World Wood Web", I have read that the matriarch Douglas fir will specifically send carbon (food) to its offspring if they are stressed through the fungal mycilial network. Canadian study. Nicely done. Radiolabeled carbon.


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My favorite plant intelligent thing is with the sensitivity plant that folds its leave when disturbed. So some scientist dropped the potted plant in a nondestructive repetitive, reproducible manner. The plant folds its leaves in response...up to a point....and then "realizing" that the drops poses no risk, ceases folding its leaves. There is an energy cost to folding its leaves, so if no real danger, it shouldn't fold.

But even more interesting, is that if you go back to the same plant a month later, and drop it in the same way, it doesn't fold its leaves. It "remembers" as it were, that this is not dangerous.


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There are important differences beyond just the money.

Some people buy a home cheaply as a labor of love. They see a transformed environment largely through their sweat, and in three years, their home is worth 3 times what they Paid for it. Well, their imputed rent goes up. I guess they would get to write off the cost of materials. And the labor. What rate will they get?

I am not economist enough to say whether this makes sense intellectually. It's a practical nonstarter


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You inspired me to read more of the article. My unschooled opinion is that taxing imputed rent takes away all, or most of the motivation for owning. I guess that is the point. The same logic can be applied to cars. I own a home because I can't get what I have by renting. And it's a cost of housing stabilization system. I hate home ownership. It's a pain. I suppose, if I paid taxes on imputed rent, I would be able to deduct all of my repairs.

I am glad to hear that mortgage susidies have declined.


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The government subsidizes, through the tax deduction for interest payment, the provision of shelter for those who can afford to buy a home. It does NOT subsidize shelter for renters. My view. Do both, or do neither.


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It says that quicker charging will allow for smaller batteries. But I don't want to stop to charge my battery every 125 miles, even if it's quick. So...but quick charging is definitely good. I am under the impression, perhaps wrong, that battery life is related to the number of charging cycles which would defeat some of the saving from using a smaller battery.