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I live in UK and I agree, that the country is in decline. However moving to presidential system in which parliamentary elections are boycotted by almost 90% of population don't show almost any hope for democracy.

Don't get me wrong I really really hope that Tunisia, the whole region and for selfish reason UK, will turn it around, but it looks grim for next generation or two :(


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Sadly it does seem like the end, Tunisia was the only success story, they may yet recover but that would be quite hail Mary :(.

In terms of never, I disagree, but in foreseeable future you are probably right. The mix of history of distrusting external central authority which only legitimacy was strength, culture of tribalism and loyalty to in-groups instead of state identity as well as political Islam that makes compromise impossible as you can't really compromise with God.

All of those exist in other places as well, but all those exist there for now. I still hope for people of the region to buck those trends.


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Russia is running out of ammunition was a logistic issue due to overextension and lack of preparation in push model of Russian army. News reporters run with the first part without understanding.

I can imagine Russia severely depleting their missile and drones, but it would be insane to run out of shells.


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I don't think it is, but congres was trying to remove president multiple times. In the end it is more about legitimacy than law itself. Congress and vice president seized power without proving democratic mandate (doesn't mean that they don't actually have it).

If we use USA as example, congress can legally ignore results of presidential election and choose president themselves. It would be legal but not legitimate.

Again I don't think that is the case, but I'm not in any way certain that this isn't a case.


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I read somewhere and I don't remember where, that culture is useless to predict action of individual, however it is useful to predict behaviour of a group, approaching almost certainly if that group numbers in millions.

I think we are mostly in agreement, but i think we should be calling out cultures for being toxic more.


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I slightly disagree with your attitude, you should not blame individual Hungarians for actions of their government and Orban.

However Hungarians as a whole are to blame for keeping him in power. So are British for Brexit and Americans for Trump. I strongly disagree with attitude that will of the people is just excused. Russians at least have an excuse that no one really counts their votes.

I will reiterate that this not mean, meeting a random Hungarian and accusing them off being responsible for Orban.