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Nah that shit happened so fast my nigga like I dead just went to go get a manga for one of my students and by the time I get back that shit is gone like magic. Mind you I’m thinking it was stolen but this is I guess better. I gotta go get registered again cause my shit was expired too. The Lord keeping me humble fr.


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Yeah for Addison stay on their ass and keep calling. I had to be on them like a hawk to get my crib. I love it mind you but they just do not respond frequently and need to be harassed into giving you a spot essentially.


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No the post itself is the reality, your comment is added cynicism meant to mock people who see positives. This post doesn’t erase the growth the city has seen, but it fits into the story. Whereas your comment has nothing to do with painting the picture, it’s just meant to be snide. It’s not as if people are any more or less aware with your comment added to the news article.