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> Fourth, what will the state do with that data from speed cameras? We've already seen the abuses with automated license plate readers. See the article at EFF about those abuses.

See also American Dragnet:

> The agency [ICE] has access to the driver’s license data of 3 in 4 (74%) adults and tracks the movements of cars in cities home to nearly 3 in 4 (70%) adults.


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Reckon it ain't just that, but more. The govt needs more data for the surveillance state. They already track the movements of cars in cities, covering about 70% of adults as per Georgetown Law Center on Privacy & Technology. Time to get more data from the suburbs and rural areas by covering highways. Maybe towns next? As usual, the pretext tugs on the heart strings. Think of the children road workers. Why if you don't agree, you must not care about dead people.

Speaking of the workers and revenue though.. this is going to rinse lower-class workers. June 1 min. wage goes up to $15/hr. Get caught lacking on your way to work because your brain was mindlessly on "autopilot" for a wee bit? 2nd offense: 12% of your weekly take-home. 3rd offense? 30% of it! That's fair.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. How fitting. Fuck this pilot project and all automated enforcement.

PS: I love how your comment brought out a literal shill. Can't make it up.


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Each day I regret voting blue more tbh. These folks pass restriction after restriction, ban after ban, but is it enough? Hell no. Give an inch, another inch, a few more inches, but it is never enough. Now this proposal? Now it's time to punish the law-abiding lower-class folks by hitting their pockets? Color me shocked when the tax keeps going up and up and up. Color me further when they demand you purchase insurance. If we can't get rid of these darn murder toys, well, we'll just make it only a well-to-do man's right!

Great job Democrats. Keep up the shitty work. Keep chipping away at it.