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I try to think about how I'm glad I wasn't born any time in the last 2000 years (any time after the agricultural revolution), otherwise if I didn't die as a kid of some horrible disease, I'd live to either die in childbirth, starvation, or watch most of my kids die of said diseases/starvation.

Generally the best time to be born was 10,000 years ago when we were still living the lives our brains and bodies are adapted to, or now when we've at least got vaccines, warm houses and comfy beds, and things like music and math and psychedelics and access to every book ever and strawberries or whatever else you happen to enjoy.


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No no you don't understand. Once you figure out the underlying cause of your mental issues, it automatically solves them.

Your hippocampus is like "oh, your mother's yelling caused your crippling anxiety!" And then magically undoes all of the reinforced neural structures of your unhealthy coping mechanisms. And somehow puts in the healthy coping methods that you never learned.


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Remember the old adage about being an adult. That you can keep two opposing principles in your head at once.

You can still practice gratitude while asking for/trying to reach better conditions at the same time. In fact, each informs the other, and when they're not in balance, you get entitlement the one hand, and learned helplessness on the other.