pookypocky t1_j9unurq wrote

They aren't kidding about grace & proper being packed. I had an unexpected couple of hours to myself yesterday and was riding by shortly before 5, so I tried to stop by there for a drink, and they couldn't have crammed one more person in there.

So I kept going south on 8th and went to the jim, and it was as dark and pleasant as it has been since basically the day it opened.


pookypocky t1_j2rsdl0 wrote

Joe's on 16th near Sansom is good. I mean nothing special but solid everyday pizza. Also is Dolce Carini still around? They were always good but I don't get into center city as much as I used to anymore, so I don't know if they still are.


pookypocky t1_iyhw3eo wrote

OK this is bullshit, but at the same time considering that what's done is done and the buildings are gone, isn't Pearl a better developer than Toll? I mean as far as what the end product is going to be, generally speaking isn't it preferrable to have a Pearl building than a Toll one?

Or maybe not. I don't really know either way.