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Honestly I don't know. I'm (obviously) on the unlimited plan. Like most gyms, there is always some special going on. I'm like 99/month, which was some special rate.

ITs free to try, and I didn't find them high pressure at all.


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If you're fan, I assume Willow Lawn? Honestly one of the few men, but, it works for me. They are encouraging and its competitive as a group, I guess. You aren't pitted one against the other. Willow Lawn use to be far busier than Short Pump, but I don't know anymore, runs in spells. I'm on unlimited and go 3-4 times a week. Its expensive, so I'm compelled to go! Good luck!


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Another use it or lose it day off. I have planned to ride the motorbike, but been up with a pup with unhappy stomach. As usual planned WAY to much to do. Went to Bingo Beer last night. All the pinballs worked!


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Better teachers has NOTHING to do with this topic lol. IT was about back office. And I'm still good with them getting realistic pay. Everyone should, but its kind of relative.

And yeah, I love my job and am paid well. I volunteer .... wait...sometimes.

I'm not even arguing with you!

and, pretty sure you've prejudged me while having no clue. But its all good, we all do it.


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Please spare me your armchair psychiatry. I have no reason to wish folks ill. But the fact remains that the only tangible result is more pay for these folks. I mean, how is the cafe lady getting paid more going to affect education? Again, I'm POSITIVE they deserve it, but little johnny still can't add two and two.

Teachers? Hell yeah, they get the brunt of this.

Better benefits and pay are good for all.