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You need a mesh network.

I had to get one for 1000 square feet because my walls and the closet doors between rooms destroy wifi signals (glass plus dense lath and plaster = bad signal strength).

When you decide where to put them, think of each as having a circle and each circle needs to overlap heavily.

I have my satellite only around 15-20 feet from the main hub because of the objects and walls in the way. Some mesh setups will show you the signal strength of the satellites and you want those strong. Generally speaker direct line of sight can be further apart but the more “stuff” between two points the closer they will need to be.


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I’m all for doing things differently but as is the only reforms that seem to happen across the US is police and justice system reform.

They are at the back end of the problem and cannot just be dropped and have enforcement minimized without following through on more comprehensive changes that result in people getting to that layer of the issue in the first place.