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If you're in a slump, get out of your comfort zone.


Sisters of Mercy

Earth, Wind and Fire

Harley Poe

MC Frontalot

The Longest Johns

Dolly Parton

Michael Jackson


Just bounce all over the place. Commit to one or two songs per artist/genre. You'll find a new groove and appreciate your old one more.


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Things come into focus when the rays of light meet up at the same place at the back of your eye. Since all of these rays come from different directions, you need the lens in your eye to bend them to meet properly (or glasses/contacts that do the same).

If you look through a small hole directly in front of your eye, you're eliminating all of the rays of light except those that go straight into your eye and hit the back of your eye at the same point.


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Flying cars just make no sense. It's far more efficient to drive. And you know the dumbass driving 90 mph in the rain on tires with the belts showing through because they haven't bothered to fix their alignment? You want them airborne and dropping their car on your house?

Not all sci-fi concepts are worth translating to the real world.


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It's often very hard to see your progress. If what you are doing is something you actually want, keep going and periodically examine your progress. Don't wait until you feel like giving up. Make it part of your process.

Don't just continue doing something because you've put so much effort into it... that's no bueno.


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Homie tries to sell you a widget for $2. You say, nah, fam. $1.99. He say, word.

You've saved a penny, which is the same as having earned a penny in that instant because you have the same amount of money as if someone had given you a penny and you bought the widget for $2.

Saving in the context of the quote doesn't mean storing.... although if we're being pedantic, any money not spent is affected by inflation unless you then immediately spend it again and so your point still stands.


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No. Always be working towards de-escalation. You're not John Wick. You're not protected by plot armor, and you can easily be killed in a fist fight.


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That may be what you take away from it. It may also have been Henry Ford's intent in say it. But that's not what it says, and if a quote needs an explanation to go along with it, it's not a good quote.

Plus, it's still false. Not everyone has the capacity to learn something and believing you're going to able to learn will not make you capable of learning it. I used to think everyone could just learn whatever they wanted... and then I started interviewing people for technical roles. Doesn't matter how much you believe and persevere. It doesn't make you capable.


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This kind of nonsense quote is what made the self-help industry into a joke. It sounds good and motivational, but it's just not true in any capacity.

One of the hallmarks of being a mature person is knowing your limitations. Believing you can do something isn't enough. You have to ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO DO IT. Musk believed he could run Twitter better. I believed I could change the thermostat on my wife's Kia. Both of us underestimated the complexity of the task. Belief didn't matter. Reality is the only thing that matters.

One does not repair a car on faith alone.


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They are shorter than humans, but that's mostly because they have shorter hind legs. Gorilla males are about twice as heavy as human males.

The head gives you an idea of how big he'd be if he had the same proportions as a human.