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There is a Facebook group that is great for selling and buying pc parts. Not many brick and mortar options though


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I go to that store at least 3 times a week since I work near. I can say with 100% certainty that everything you said here is completely false. Literally all of it. Get a hobby man.


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Reply to Fiber outage? by sizzlewow

Been having this problem since brightspeed took over I assumed it was just me. Only notice it on my pc, all other devices seem okay.


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Quantum was Worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. Since brightspeed took over haven't dealt with customer service but speed is noticeably slower, still faster than what I need so I haven't said anything.


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Whole hog , city butcher, buckinghams, and sugar fire all offer smoked turkeys for thanksgiving. Not sure about providing your own turkey for it.