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You don’t want a Tesla. Their build quality is garbage, late 2000s Chevrolets had nicer interiors, and purchasing one supports fascist Elon Musk’s pro-Russia and Pro-Trump stances

Try Pine Belt or Lester Glenn for a Bolt. Also look to Cape May and Atlantic County dealerships. EV adoption is not as high there.

There also might be a Bolt specific forum with prices paid where you can find an NJ dealer.


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I never thought I’d say it, but I hope Republicans in Congress overrule the Council. The recent trend of letting criminals free clearly doesn’t work. We need long mandatory minimums and more cops on the streets.


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Build quality on the Volvo XC40 is lightyears ahead. BMW iX also phenomenal but is too big IMHO. Loved my XC40 Recharge but I do too much driving and had to get a plug in hybrid instead. The Tesla I test drove looked like a blind 4 year old assembled it. Terrible quality


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You can exceed the speed limit and should do so to keep up with the flow of traffic. Stay under 20 MPH over and always under 85 and you avoid reckless driving. 77 MPH in a 70 and 74 in a 65 is plenty safe.

I drive 10s of thousands of miles in Virginia every year. I know what I am talking about.