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Also just found out legitimate 980 Pro (mostly 2TB version) have a serious firmware error. Download samsung magician software direct from samsung website and it will tell you on the console if you need to update firmware.

I just saw than my SSD purchased Feb *2022 was running the bad firmware version


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Eventually the entire Earth sky will just be one giant Amazon drone factory, and also they will control a monopoly on daylight until the Future Far Left forces of Antifa 2.0 and the Future Far Right forces of Cop Lives Matter Inc. put aside their longstanding feud in order to fight! For the light!


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Stainless. My wishlist is Demeyer stainless but there are a few brands out there. Just make sure you buy multi-ply and for frying pans you want multi-ply up the sides of the pan layers for even heating and better heat retention. For large soup pots a less expensive stainless steel disc bottom pan is going to do the same job as a more expensive one that also has a disc bottom - I have some 20+ year old Faberware 6 Quart and 8 Quarts that do as good as anything else.


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My Darn tough always get air dried when possible. I usually miss one when separating what goes into the drier and what doesn't and I don't notice a difference.

Still they technically should last longer line drying, also save on electricity longterm doing less % dryer loads.

*BI4L Pro tip*

I also line dry all my (cotton) buttondown shirts which does make them last longer, with added benefit that line drying them they never need to be ironed


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Lots of reasons, some don't want bluetooth on the head for various reasons. Others like me) listen to a ton of music and don't want to be recharging and waiting to connect all the time.

Wired headphones are just dead simple and work well. Also many audiophile grade headphones that require a wired connection


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Xenophobia is a weird way to frame this, I hope that this person isn't simply upset that china exists wtf. China is an amazing country!

Chinese Communist Party is about as shady as America's CIA. So I'd just be watchful based on what we have seen in the past. Another country with a world-class military industrial complex.

Anyway, any pure science research which will be significant with space travel will create new scientific knowledge that could be used to make new medicines or life-changing technology just as easily as other technology that creates more war and conflict on the home planet.

Science will always be in tension with creation and destruction.