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Hi! I love your enthusiasm!

Candid feedback:

  • This needs to be better formatted for readability.
  • It reads as a bit repetitive. Perhaps I am missing new concepts introduced between the introduction and explanation but there is no need to make it long if it is to convey concise concepts simply to convey a patina of thoroughness.


  • How is AI involved? Is it meant to be a 'bedspring' for human thought? To provide a foundation to flesh out the interstices of nascent ideas?

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From the article:

> Liu also noted that wormholes would magnify objects differently than black holes do, meaning scientists could distinguish the two. For example, microlensing via a black hole is known to produce four mirror images of the object behind it. Microlensing via a wormhole, on the other hand, would produce three images: two dim ones, and one very bright one, the authors' simulations showed.



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The answer is by better emulating the outputs of all of the core human systems based on input. We need an endocrine system analog as much as we need a neural analog.

When we encounter something that invokes fear, our brain tells our body to create adrenaline, the adrenaline makes our brain and body go faster, the brain going faster and being more scared tells the body to make more adrenaline, and so on until attenuation of the cycle is triggered by removal of the threat.

We can't do any of this by focusing on neuronal analogs alone.


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Reply to Power by Klem132

Depends on how we can scale fusion power and how much hydrogen we can collect in space.


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That is heartbreakingly sad. I think it's more of a distribution and supply chain issue than one of wanton cruelty, but a lot is just due to poverty endemic to certain areas.

If you're an overpopulation delusionist I suppose this would be good news, but you don't strike me as someone who glories in human suffering. Thanks for the additional info.


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Read up about the technological breakthrough of extraction of ammonia from the atmosphere and subsequent extraction of nitrogen to fertilize crops in massive quantities. That alone saved the lives of billions of people - prior to that technology a famine every 10 years would wipe out millions and millions of the population of any given region.