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Yea, I'm really curious who he works for. He definitely doesn't sound like one of God's angels.....

But maybe that's the point? he got kicked out because of his wife's life and land and such, which afterwards he turned to alcoholism and is trying to get revenge/ win the land for God in the hopes god will take him back? that's the only thing that makes sense to me.


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Yea it’s too common anymore (Alabama, Idaho, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia are state store states)

Liquor licenses can be a bitch too, so you’ll see places that are either beer only (beer isn’t state owned) or if they serve liquor then they have a FULL bar (lol) there’s no in between

Also liquor stores tend to have weird hours for that reason, so never assume they are open


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You have the freedom to do that, and that’s good

These shills also have the freedom to spread propaganda as well ( and possibly be slightly misleading, even if they aren’t lying to you, as they ARE bipartisan)

While, in theory, it might seem like it would be good to suppress people like this, the problem is that is an EXTREMELY fine line

Everyone is fine with suppressing thoughts/ speech when it’s stuff they disagree with, but the moment your own beliefs get suppressed, it’s suddenly tyranny