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I don’t see anything about that being about DWIs. That’s just misdemeanors total, with no indication whether or not that increase was consistent across all misdemeanors or drive by large increases in specific types as far as I can see. So you still have no idea what the actual increase in DWI dismissals are and whether or not it’s absurd or not.

EDIT: I also just noticed that you’re relying on the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank that’s been ardently ain’t bail and discovery reform since they were announced. So not exactly a non-biased source.


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He claimed to be living as an openly out and proud gay republican for over a decade and never experiencing any discrimination from the Republican Party because of it but was married to a woman less than 3 years ago. That fact combined with the discovery of his other lies calls into question his claim.


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The article wasn’t just about them since I literally quoted from it when it spoke about how this is a national issue. It used the two people in Hells Kitchen you want to talk about as one example but also featured several others. You really didn’t read the article in full.

EDIT: Do I think it’s fraud? Sure. I already said as much. It’s not the same or on the even the same scale as what Trump did so that’s just a stupid nonsense comparison but it is fraud. It doesn’t seem like anyone, even the people interviewed in the article, are denying that.

EDIT: it’s also hilarious to be complaining about this happening in NY because people want to live here when the article literally states that rental fraud in NY is 6%, half the national average of 12%.


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Mostly because he didn’t really play much of a role in bringing down Capone. The image of Ness we have now was mostly created by pop culture (the Untouchables tv show and movie). He did far more as the safety coordinator of Cleveland (created a police academy, introduced patrols both on foot and by cruiser, and created community organizations to head off juvenile delinquency) than he did as an untouchable.