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This is old news where I live (Phoenix, USA). Not far from me are shopping centers and schools with solar shades. There is a Tesla supercharger with solar at the nearest major shopping center. A place where I worked studied adding solar shade but the nearest connection point to the grid was too far away to make it work. It would have required expensive transmission lines and it is hard to get new power lines approved.


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Reply to Robotaxi by RolfEjerskov

I can already hail a Waymo from my house. They expand territory as they complete their extensive mapping and testing process. Their cars are all over Phoenix either carrying passengers or doing test runs to add territory.


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I think you are correct that 3D printers will not be in every home. I used to own a regular paper printer but I don't now. I'd rather go to the FedEx store and print stuff on the occasions I need to print documents. I wouldn't need to 3D print stuff all the time and couldn't afford to keep up with printer supplies and the latest printer tech. Id rather take my file to a 3D print shop (or send it online) and have the store maintain the printer.

Another example is that I have a photography hobby. I don't own a photo printer either. I do all my edits at home and then go online and select from a huge variety of physical mediums to print onto and have it delivered to my house in a couple of days.


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I think they will be evil because they will be created by corporations for their profit and not for the good of mankind. Think of the current use of advanced algorithms such as the company that enables apartment managers to charge the maximum rent possible for apartments. If anyone creates AI it will be for their profit or for their agenda and not for your benefit.


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Waymo has been very active in Phoenix. I see their cars all over central Phoenix every day. We have straight roads and plenty of sun so pretty ideal operating conditions. I’m sure they will quickly expand the service area based on how many test runs they are making all across Phoenix. We have the Super Bowl here in 2023 and I bet they use that to show off their service.