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Just generally speaking: there will be anywhere from 0.5% to about 4% for strains that do not focus on cbd. Other strains will be as high as the mid 20% cbd (for a refrence point, a very strong strain will run in the mid 20% range to low 30% thc). There are some strains that are a nice mix of thc and cbd, ive seen these in the 10-20% cbd range/10-20% thc range. One of the cool things about cannabis is theres thousands of strains with different cannabinoid ratios.


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Yep, check out r/microgrowery for growing in confined spaces.

Also nyc has looked into allowing cannabis grown in community gardens, im not sure where that legislation ended up as i am not in nyc so it wouldnt affect me as much. But there is potential that there will be nice outdoor grown plants in NYC soonish.


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No, it took the state this long to approve the licenses. Applications were submitted months ago (about 6 months). First applications go to those who were more affected by the war on drugs ie people arrested with low level possession charges. On top of the application there was a high fee to submit it. Not about greasing palms, it was about getting the system set up before they can approve/deny applications. Cannabis law takes some tome to establish from the ground up.

And the state let the "free market" flourish while they turned a mostly blind eye to all of the shops that have been selling flower, clones, dabs, edibles, only shutting down the most egregious of grey market vendors.

Hate on the state all you want, one thing they did right is their cannabis laws for home growers.