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Alas. I doubt anyone got a check, not her or Mike Simons or Getty. If they'd have used the photo, they'd have had to pay as it's clearly copyrighted. But they copied her outfit, which itself I doubt she thought to trademark that day. So, they were well within their rights to mimic this down to even the jewelry and hairstyle.

They're all free to ride the movie's publicity tho, using the original outfit or this photo.

IF this lady is still around, and IF that's a well known look for her, and IF this movie causes her problems because they copied her look, then she could claim they slandered her character by making her do all of these things on screen, but that'd be a flimsy lawsuit without obvious damages, and this lady is probably not um, making any claims.


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Also consumer laptops come with Win 10 home and these Dells come with 10 pro.

I am switching a small business over right now to Dells enterprise line. They thought the cost was steep too, but I pointed to the stack of a dozen physically broken consumer grade laptops they’ve gone through, and the cost to relicense their machines Windows, and the warranty. And now they see the light.

Worth noting you can get last years models for like 60% off through Dell Premier so really they’re not that much more at all. And their sticker price is like 2x what things actually cost through Premier. So a $6k laptop might be $1500 to the company.


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My god the panic in here is thick. Y'all know we as a species have been interacting with bats regularly for centuries, in our homes, and it's INCREDIBLY rare for something like this to happen right? I have a colony of little brown bats in my eaves. It's a 122-year-old house, that happens. And they're federally protected so I leave them be. About a half dozen times a year I have to escort one of the little guys out. My parents had the same ritual with their 100+ year old house. Etc. NBD. According to this thread I have rabies at least 50, 60 times over now, my pets are rabid, my house is rabid, the land itself is rabid. IDK what we'll all do when it rains.


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As a kid I did monarch tagging in the 90s. Catching them in the field behind my house where they’d visit on their migrations, carefully gluing tags on them and releasing them. The tagging kit was free from the researchers, we were so poor I couldn’t afford a butterfly net, so I used a wal-mart bag on a stick. I got nearly beat up when some other kids found me doing it one day.

Anyway there’s my rambling memory of loving these poor guys and trying to help, way back in the early 90s. So glad they finally made a comeback at the 11th hour, but more needs to be done here and for other species.


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>carbon dioxide has been used to extract additional oil from developed oil fields in the United States.

Wait so the first example given is them turning captured carbon into more fossil fuel production? Is this akin to the "first high is free" from the drug dealer, trying to lure capitalists into carbon capture?


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This kind of tech came too early. It generated a mountain of data which no one could parse let alone use for any good ends. No integration with other systems.

Today we're doing AI data lakes where we just pipe in all sorts of raw data and let the AI do the work . It's still catching on in enterprise settings. Once that's in place, they can take another shot at tech like this, piping the data into the lake where it can be put to use. Plus the hardware has dropped in price quite a bit.

I would say expect a second round of this stuff in another 3-5 years, and it'll be much more successful.


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They really bury the important, good stuff.

>It was previously believed that other people on a call will be displayed as an icon or Memoji. That's still likely to be the case for group calls. For one-on-one chats in which both participants are wearing a Reality Pro, the report suggests that FaceTime will render realistic versions of their face and body. Processing limitations seemingly prevent this feature from being available for group calls. Other companies, such as Meta, typically render users in a more cartoonish fashion (and don't yet include legs).

So... it actually sounds like they're trying to move beyond this.


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Reply to comment by Think_Explanation_47 in NSYNC in 1997 by Djf47021

I spent 2 hours in a police station before being released. It was only midway through that I reached deep down in my right pocket and felt the 8th the officers had missed during several patdowns and reach-ins. Got real nervous after that. But they let me go and I smoked that 8th.