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Pretty sure the folks who advocate for genocide, racial separation, and white supremacy are absolutely the worse side, but if you want to tell me how those might be positive things, I’m willing to listen.

I’m also not sure what mass shootings have been perpetrated or “low income cities” have been burned down by anyone credibly claiming to be left wing, but again, I’m willing to listen. The protests in cities in 2020 aren’t gonna count, those aren’t low income cities, those are cities with multi billion dollar budgets.

Whenever the government comes out with an update about the most pressing dangers regarding domestic terrorism, it’s always ultra right wingers that are the problem.

Yet somehow folks who spend most of their time working with Food Not Bombs or working mutual aid projects are the favorite boogeyman of the right?


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Mind your business. If it’s not affecting you (other than making you feel weird), what business is it of yours?

Or, be a neighbor and go talk to her.


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“Maybe it’s possible the mining can be done in an environmentally sustainable way?”

Has there even been an example of environmentally sustainable extractive industry? Kind of goes against the whole “destroying tons of earth and using caustic chemicals to separate small amounts of minerals from large amounts of rock” process that involves mining.

Also not sure if you’ve been informed but mining companies don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to caring about…much of anything, including environmental protection or worker safety.


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Reply to comment by FormerHoagie in 2016 by Failedmysanityroll

Who are you defining as “the left” here? Or rather what’s your definition of “left”? Like actual anti capitalists or just run of the mill “socially liberal, economically conservative” liberals?


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I actually set up a 2nd bank account (using Chime) strictly to pay my CMP bill, just to keep them the hell away from my primary account. The account only has enough to cover the bill + 20 bucks or so in it, that way if they fuck up it’s not affecting all my money.