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>Do you have a doctor's order for this? Most places won't just take your blood.

I just had four different blood tests run today without doctor's orders - I ordered them on Lab Corp's website.

There are several places in Springfield where blood tests can be done without doctor orders depending on the type of test you wish to run. In the case of Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp, both of which you can order tests through directly, several local healthcare providers including Mercy order their tests from them.

In some cases it may actually be cheaper to order the tests yourself than to send them through your healthcare provider and insurance, with the caveat you may need someone to analyze them after the fact. However, some primary doctors won't care as long as they are reputable lab, some labs offer doctor consultations, and telemedicine may be an option for this portion.


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They will want you to either pay upfront in cash or credit card, or get on a payment plan with them. I'd suggest calling Cox back and asking them what options they have for financing.

Healthcare in the United States is a dumpster fire, so I wish you all the best.


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Not everyone is up for this, but include a tire plug kit and some pliers and there is potential for you to be able to temporarily repair some kinds of tire punctures without even removing the tire from the car. Has saved me a lot of trouble at least once.


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If anyone decides to take this on themselves pay close attention to the fluid you put in. If you have a limited slip differential you will want to put in the correct fluid or you will quickly burn up the clutches in your LSD.


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>experience and relationships woth bankers, title Co, and inspectors

This is the true value they bring to the table. Also contractors. I've seen a good realtor bring in a contractor that fixed major structural problems on two different houses within a week of being identified, for cheaper than market rate.


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I'm totally burned out and I don't know how to get out of it. It started with the pandemic. I think it forced me right into a mid life crisis, lol.

Trying to focus on hobbies that make me happy and saving up enough money so that if I quit or get fired I'll have time to figure out what to do next.


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>A former state lawmaker from Nixa who once imagined herself as becoming a researcher like Marie Curie or Mother Teresa on Tuesday, Feb. 28, was sentenced to six years and three months in prison for fraud, lying and distributing controlled substances without a valid prescription.

Bypass paywall


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I disagree.

I am one of four people I know of that have switched dentists from Dr. Wilson. I've personally been going there for 15 years.

I left because a messed up series of events left me moments from almost getting a root canal I didn't need. One of the other people I know left after a procedure left him in constant pain.

Something is very not right there.