psychecaleb t1_jdn6amk wrote

Looks great, a lot like the fried eggs I make. I sometimes use butter, but often duck fat, olive oil or coconut.

The best thing to do is to get the oil as hot as possible before adding in the egg. Put a splash screen (not a lid) and the let it rest to get a good crispy layer before flipping it. You could have let it rest a bit longer for that deep rich golden brown but that's just my preference.

Here's something I recommend you try as well, when there's about 30-60 seconds left to the cook, slowly drizzle in 1tsp-1tbsp soy sauce, tamari, or miso paste diluted in water on the eggs and let that reduce a bit and glaze the egg on both sides, serve with a few drops of sesame oil per egg.

Hoisin sauce can also be added at the soy sauce step for a variation.