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That is what I figured out years ago, thank you! So they are CNS depressants but do not depress respiratory functions?

Fun story: I once ingested 950mg of Etizolam (which equates to almost 9.5 grams of Diazepam, or 475mg of Alprazolam) and went to a party. Don't remember doing the whole bag of pure powder before leaving, but I still have a few memories of the very start of that evening...

I was later told I was so effin messed up that one point it took me like 15 minutes for me to tie one of my shoes.

No memories of coming back home either. Woke up on my bathroom floor, feeling surprisingly not too bad or anything.

Had much, muuch worse hangovers from just Ethanol haha

Same with snorting 140mg of Zolpidem (again I blacked out after the second pill; I never actually intended to do the whole box..): I woke up on the floor, realized I raided my entire fridge because of all the packagings and stuff surrounding me.. First thought was immediately being worried about food poisoning or something bacause not everything that was in there was still safe to eat...

I don't fuck with such ludicrous doses anymore since those 2 incidents years ago.

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Also, ⚠️TW: suicide⚠️

I once tried to end my life with Ethanol, GHB, Clonazepam, Alprazolam, Pregabalin, Ketamine, Methadone, Heroin, and think Carisoprodol (not sore about this one at all).

And blacked out as you could expect.

Just woke up a bit groggy really, my theory is I didnt have enough of each substance, also in combination with this I had a non-negligeable tolerance to ethanol + GHB/opioids/benzos+gabaergics.

After that I swowly started my day, slowly realizing I was pissed more about the waste of such products, not so much about the failed attempt haha..

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