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Definitely do!

I start the roast at a high temperature (450F) to brown, then drop to 225-250F for the rest of the roasting period.

Remember to take your roast out aprox 5 degrees below your desired internal temperature. It continues to cook as it rests.

As for the jus, I cheat. I start scooping drippings a half hour before the roast is done to add to beef stock and start reducing so that I have a good strong jus by the time I carve.

Give a quick google, there are no shortage of instructions for good prime rib au jus. Just resist the temptation to try to cook it any faster/hotter.


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The secret is...

I don't.

I let it come to room temperature, assemble and plate, then pour the jus, fresh from a simmer/light boil the second before we're about to tuck in.

The jus warms the beef enough when you dip, if you don't take your time.

But why would you take your time with prime rib like that!


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Rare prime rib should pretty much melt in your mouth. It’s usually well-marbled and cooked with its fat cap, so its natural juices make it sooooo tender. It’s also a muscle that doesn’t get much exercise, and non-working muscle tissue is going to be much less tough than strong tissue.

A slow roast will give you uniform “doneness,” meaning you can get the whole cut to your desired temperature without overcooking the outer parts.

This roast was cooked to (roughly) 125F and continued to cook to just below 130F during its pre-carve rest.

Medium rare and delicious.


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I’m guessing just a funny translation thing. Even here in Canada, where French is (slightly) more common, I often hear the dip referred to as “au jus.”

I speak some French, and can grammatically attest to saying “with with juice” is wonky, but I’ve been reminded by a couple of equally pedantic well-trained chef friends.

But I also didn’t mean to cause a hubbub!

Call it what you will; just don’t call me late for dinner!


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I don't mean to be pedantic -- though I know I am. But to save you grief down the road...

When referring to jus in that way, you wouldn't use the "au."

"Au jus" is a French term meaning "with juice."

As you wouldn't say "I love with juice..."

Honest. I correct you with the least amount of dickishness possible!