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Missing central Brighton. My wife works at a medical office across the street from St E’s which is basically the reason we still have a car. A line running down down Cambridge St would be beautiful, that area is car hell.

Add a Castle Island extension from Broadway for the hell of it too!


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My question is a little more nuanced, I read that post before I made this one! There’s an episode in season 3 I think where they show houses and apartments with each character who lives there speaking from inside. Not too accurate though there wasn’t a single triple decker in the entire opening.


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I could see Sam in so many neighborhoods. I picked South End over the Seaport because he’s a respectable business owner, and while still a womanizer not the animal he used to be.

Dianne would fit in in Back Bay or Beacon Hill.

I didn’t think about Hyde Park for Carla but you’re right and I think that would be a better fit than Dorchester. I was thinking her kids would be the guys that would un-ironically wear an OFD bucket hat.

I picked Seaport for Norm because he’s totally a finance bro. He is married though so Polish Triangle or Savin Hill could both work.

I’ve lived here a year and have been to the west part of the city like once so Roslindale and West Roxbury are the same thing to me and Cliff strikes me as someone who would live over there.

Coach is such a wild card! Maybe he inherited a house in Roxbury still lives there, and he doesn’t hate it at all.

Woody could also live all over the place. I picked Southie because he probably likes the beach and would hang out at Stats in his time off.

For some reason I can only see Nick in Revere lol.

I take back Beacon Hill for Frasier he would absolutely live in Cambridge.


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Cliff doesn’t strike me as a Somerville character, I could definitely see him in Roslindale or WR.

Frasier is absolutely Beacon Hill!

I don’t spend enough time in Eastie to get a feel for the neighborhood but I was thinking Carla would fit in around that part of Dorchester right before you get to Quincy.


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In my defense I’m not attempting to weasel out of something, this is ignorance on my end. My wife asked what we’d pay up front. He told her first-last rent, deposit, and broker fee. What he didn’t do was elaborate on that last thing. No papers were ever offered and no agreement was ever made.


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I’ve never encountered a rental agent. Property managers or landlords advertise the rental and people respond to the ad. Lived in a handful of Midwest cities and never had to deal with a middleman when renting.

They do exist, and they’re paid by the landlord.


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Completely agree. I take my kid to school via the red line to Savin Hill. I’m a 10 minute walk to Andrew and 20 minutes to Broadway, we go Broadway. It’s really sad.