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Yep, a ton of factors. People keep trying to push dogs on the physically ill where I am but it wouldn't help for me, and neither would a home bound pet coz I can barely look after myself. Its not motivation I lack, its the ability to do it safely.

Also once you have a pet and let it down by not being cognatively capable of ensuring it stays healthy hopefully services, people around you and common sense stop you getting another pet. (Sadly not always the case though).


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These issues have been happening before, post viral illness isn't unknown, but it was never in such bulk at once, and Covid seems to have especially high rates of occurance. There are many like me who "never recovered" from a virus and got told they have Fibro, ME/CFS, PoTS and other Dysautomnia, and many whose doctors are loathe to give them these diagnoses too.

Its a bit of both in reality.


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It's to stop leaks of information usually I'd think. If you consider that it might include witness info, details specific to the case that aren't publically known, specific documents that might not be for the public (income statements,contracts, patents...). I dunno what court he was in at the time but it's all reasons why you'd not want a random copy out there to get hacked, stolen or copied deliberately by less than wonderful people.