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I would say that having heat in a bedroom is a reasonable request so yeah, I think according to the law in this state he would be breaking the law by not providing it. Look into tenant resources and see what you can do to keep your deposit and be able to move somewhere with heat. Here in Seattle, I was able to get a free 30 minute consultation with a lawyer involving a deposit issue that was very helpful


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I’m a former NPS worker. Once Recreation.gov became the go-to for site reservations this became a problem. People really do reserve any and all dates they might maybe, want to, possibly camp. The severely underfunded NPS should have better control of the site and rules in place to give everyone a fair crack, but contractors and concessionaires are increasingly getting more control of what goes on and they don’t care a bit as long as they get paid. Last I checked, you couldn’t get a walk up reservation at the Olympic NP Wilderness Info Center AT ALL. It’s all on recreation.gov


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God SLU is so different now. I remember when it was maybe my first or second time in Seattle, I was broke. Since I was a bum, my friend told me to go “fly a sign” (panhandle) at the 99 off ramp right there on Denny and I remember thinking “what a ridiculous sign”


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I understand the reason for it, but it really sucks that they moved everything to Recreation.gov. It used to be pretty easy to swing through the WIC in Port Ángeles and snag a walk up reservation at least for somewhere like 2nd or 3rd beach if you even needed one at all. Once, also in November, I carried a bundle of wood on my backpack for camping at 3rd beach. We were the only ones who had a fire that night 😎