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The qualifier they won at hameden was the highest attended women’s game there ever. It was actually very nice being there, lots of families and none of the trouble.


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Migratory birds are the real victims here. There’s some 4+ billion birds migrating in and out of Europe and the UK right now, many whose numbers have taken decades to recover after human interaction in the past.

This strain of HPAI comes from farmed poultry, and it is going to destroy the diversity and ecosystems all over the world.




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True I am i guess, it’s just it’s very tiring having people arguing over what tech companies say, nvidia wants the idea of cheaper components to make items gone because they can charge more at every level and people will pay it.

The cost cutting it seems like has never been passed onto consumers.

Much as how RNA vaccine research had its Breakthrough out of necessity, I am sure that issues like quantum tunnelling, or computing, and whatever the future of computing is, will be worked out by people who have been working on it for decades.


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Moores law being dead is equally marketing BS from people who want you to pay more.

Gordon Moore himself predicted the law to no longer be applicable beyond 2025, the law itself cannot be dead because it’s a fundamental observation of technological progress, not a pet hamster.

Who knows what technological breakthroughs will occur in the next two years.